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If your laptop does NOT charge the battery, power on, or just seems loose in the back where the plug goes in, THEN you may have a broken DC charger jack/plug. As laptops under go natural wear and tear, the DC jack (power plug) may become damaged and may need to be replaced. This is a part that is soldered to the motherboard and must be installed only by a skilled technician. We do this repair on a daily basis.

• Move the power plug and the laptop looses connection.

This could be a common item with your DC Jack Connector on the motherboard also known as, DC Jack, Power Socket, Power Connector, Loose AC Adapter, Motherboard Plug, Sparking and Power Plug

We can repair any laptop
no matter how badly it’s damaged. Replacement screens, broken power jacks, bad inverters, keyboards, motherboards, touchpads you name it!

Hardware Repairs:

Broken Power Jack

Damaged Screens

Broken Hinges

Ruined Keyboard

Replacement AC Adapter Most Models

Motherboard Repair or Replacement

Optical Drive

Failed Hard Drive:

Upgrades :

Hard Drives with Data Transfer

Operating System





Software Issues:

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal

Corrupted System – Won’t Boot. Etc.

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