Important Windows Update | Windows 10 update

If you are a Windows user, you might be dreading the new updates, as they can sometimes cause computer problems and compatibility issues. Installing the updates, however, is necessary to keep your files and system secure.

Microsoft has released it new update for windows 10 (April 16 th ), from Version 1703 to 1803,.

This is a big update, and like 1703 can cause issues, such as:

  • problems when downloading and installing
  • no Wifi
  • not booting up correctly
  • loss of data

So make sure you back up your data on a storage dive or cloud base storage.

It’s an update that should be downloaded, and  there a new features and some that have been removed.

Windows 10 update issues
Solve Windows 10 update issues











Further information can be found at the following links, copy and paste:

Venturebeat website

Geek Website 

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