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If you find yourself on the go and meeting clients, chances are that you are in need of a good battery and a charge that lasts at least for a couple of hours. If you find that your laptop is no longer charging, there are several reasons why this might be the case. From a broken plug, charger, to bad connection or battery issues, you will need to find out why you are not getting the performance you need and why is your laptop only working when plugged into the mains. Below you will find five of the most common laptop charging issues.

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  1. Broken DC Socket

One of the most common reasons why your laptop is not charging is that the DC socket (where you plug in your charger into the laptop) is broken. You will not see the damage inside the connection, or at the end of the charger, and this will need to be tested. If you have moved the laptop suddenly while the charger was plugged in, this might have caused physical damage inside.

2. Faulty Battery

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Of course, you will also have to think about the lifecycle of the battery. If you always use the laptop when the charger is plugged in, you are shortening the lifetime of the battery. You can get your laptop batteries tested  by a professional, and get the right one installed for less than you would think. However, it is important that you look after your battery, too, and make sure that it is secured into the laptop all the time.

3. Wrong Charger

If you have bought a second hand charger from one of the online retailers, chances are that it might not be the right one. If it is a cheap aftermarket and non-genuine charger, you are not only risking the performance of your laptop, but also your safety. As most online products are not tested for electrical safety, they can cause accidents or even electrical fire, not to mention damaging your laptop.

4. Broken Charger

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If you don’t fold your charger up correctly when not in use, you might break the sensitive wires inside. If you bend the end of the cable, you will damage the wire close to the connection, and this will cause disruption in delivering electricity to your laptop. It is recommended that you use a cable tie, keep the chargers away from pets and kids, and inspect them for breakage.

5. Shortouts

While laptops and computers today have a built in protection against voltage variation and power surges, you can never be sure. If your laptop gets too much power or too little, due to a fault, the fuse inside the adapter will short out and you will not be able to charge your computer. Make sure you get a professional to test your device and the charging cable if you suspect that this happened.


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