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For many businesses, today the computer is the lifeline. It contains all the accounting, customer details, and orders. Whether you are a sole trader or run a company in Ellesmere Port and Chester, there is simply no good time for the laptop or computer to break down. If you purchased the systems from one of the large retailers of electronics, chances are that you will either take the device in for inspection or send it in. When it comes to running a business, however, time is money. Below you will find a few tips on what to do when your business computer or laptop stops working.

Don’t Try to Reinstall the Software

You might think that restoring the system to the original will solve the problem. If you have the clear installation files, you might want to recover the original settings. However, chances are that you will not have all your settings, software, and files after completing this step. Instead of using DIY methods, you should get in touch with a local expert for advice.

Get Your Files Backed Up

Before you can restore the system and using your computer again, you will need your files backed up safely. If your laptop or computer is not even turning on, or you have screen issues, this will be a problem. At RepairMyPC we offer a backup and recovery service, so you can restore your files after the hard drive is fixed or your system is reinstalled after a virus or malware attack.

Get a Free Diagnosis

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Once you have the business files safely stored, you will be able to get a diagnosis of the problem. Some of the most common laptop and PC faults include hard drive failure, memory issues, settings, malware or virus attack, or physical damage. It is good to know what you are facing, as getting the right parts can be tricky and should be left to the professionals. If it is only a software issue, chances are that you will get your computer back in just 24 hours, so you can carry on doing business.

Get an Estimated Cost of Repair

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When you contact a computer company, it is better to be safe than sorry. Once we at RepairMyPC have diagnosed the problem, we can give you an estimated time and cost of repair. In most cases, you will be offered two options; getting a genuine second hand refurbished part or a new one. Once you know the difference in the cost, you can make an informed decision.

Decide Whether to Fix, Upgrade, or Replace

After you found out how long you need to live without your laptop or computer and how much it will cost you, it is possible to choose which road to go down. If you would like to get your files restored to a new machine and start working straight away, you might be able to get a replacement laptop. Alternatively, if you want to keep the same business computer, you can get the hard drive, memory, or system upgraded at the same time.


For most businesses when computers break it is like time has stopped. If you would like to get professional advice and service, fast repairs, get in touch with RepairMyPC and ask about our business IT support packages, too.

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