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Infographic: Common Causes of Slow Computers | Common Causes of Slow Computers

If your computer or laptop is running slow, there is usually a reason why. Check out the below infographic to find out what is causing the issue.                  

slow computer issues

13 Reasons Why Your Computer Might Be Running Slow | Slow computer

Whether you are using your computer for work or talking to your friends, it feels like time is about to stop when you have to wait for the browser and files to open. There are many reasons why your laptop or PC might be running extremely slow. Some are easy to fix, while others require … Read more…

How iPad Screen Repairs are Done at RepairMyPC | Smashed iPad screen

If you have a broken iPad screen, you can certainly get it fixed cheap. The bad news is that fixes that are completed in just an hour or so will never last. You are likely to get a cheap Chinese replacement screen, and – if not properly fitted and there is a glue residue left … Read more…

Ellesmere Port Windows expert

Important Windows Update | Windows 10 update

If you are a Windows user, you might be dreading the new updates, as they can sometimes cause computer problems and compatibility issues. Installing the updates, however, is necessary to keep your files and system secure. Microsoft has released it new update for windows 10 (April 16 th ), from Version 1703 to 1803,. This … Read more…

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